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Hockey Skates Wasilla AK

Ice Skates in Wasilla, AK. Where to buy, location map, product details and info in Wasilla. Find the products you're looking for in your area.

Made by Graf

The Supra 370 is an upper mid-level skate featuring the many higher end features in a highly affordable package. Perfect for the beginning to intermediate level players! * Graf flex notch for ease of forward flexion which allows for responsive feel * Microfiber reinforced counter for stability creates a stiff skate without a super stiff skate feel * Thermolam construction system used in Graf's higher end model boots is now available at an affordable price for every hockey player * Blade: Stainless steel blade * Outsole: supra outsole * Liner: Leather liner * Recommended Use: Intermediate skaters * Tongue: Cloth tongue...


Made by Graf

* 4-piece Cyber-Flex tendon maximizes stride length and provides 100% full energy transfer within each stride * Teclite quarter panel using closed cell foam + woven reinforcement for lightweight comfort with performance * Thermolam construction system allows heat molding of boot * Anatomical ankle padding for maximum foot comfort * Graf Grilamid toe cap provides extra durability and protection * Cobra Holder & Steel * Exterior features an all black quarter packageSuitable Foot Types: * Narrow Width Heel (similar to Graf 703) * Regular Width Mid-foot * This skate has a moderate heel instep depth and is a stiff skate...


Made by Bauer

Upper Features: * Anaform Fit: Anatomically correct ALIVE Composite upper and insole provide a more comfortable fit and more responsive skate * Anatomical thermoforming: When the skate is heated it forms around the ankle and heel, giving a true 360 custom fit for any foot shape - and a real performance advantage on the ice * Lining Material: Hydrophobic Clarino synthetic leather liner * Heel Support: Exterior 3D injected heel cup * Ankle Padding: Lightweight Anaform Fit foam ankle pads * Tongue Construction: Anatomical 52oz. 2-piece felt with high-density metatarsal guard * Footbed: Superfit+ with stabilizer grip, ALIVE Composite insert * Thermoformable: Full upperLower Features: * Outsole: Full Texalium composite * Blade Holder & Runner: Tuuk Lightspeed 2 with LS 2.1 Power stainless steel runner ...


Made by Reebok

* Redesigned Pro Armour IV quarter package is stronger, lighter, and more durable * Boot embedded with composites at 3-distinct zones: Spinal, Flexion, Abrasion to support all facets of skating * Deeper heel pocket and reconfigured ankle foams keep the foot locked in place * Improved pump location/size increases air bladder size and aids in proper foot position * Felt-foam hybrid tongue consists of 5mm dual-density base foam and high-density compressed EPE foam * Dual zone liner is one part tacky-Nash at the heel and moisture wicking Clarino liner throughout remainder * Lightweight carbon outsole harnesses energy transfer * Griptonite footbed further keeps the foot in place * Proformance-lite runner ...


Made by Graf

* The traditional fit of the Supra 705 in a 600 Series boot * MPM technology brings the single shell technology to the Supra 605 * Thermolam construction system allows heat molding of boot * AirNet liner with EvaFIT moisture management system wicks moisture from the foot while minimizing boot absorption and provides improved drying time * Anatomical ankle padding for maximum foot comfort * GRILAMID toe cap provides extra durability and protection * Mid-Stiff Skate...


Made by Graf

If you are someone who suffers from having wider feet, then look no further than the Graf Supra 709 Ice Skates. With a higher boot cut and a deeper fit, the Supra 709 Skates will give you a more relaxed fit because of its wider, more volumetric footbed. Even if this still does not provide maximum comfort to your feet, the Supra 709s are also constructed using Thermolam, which allows you to heat-mold the boot multiple times to give your skates a custom feel.The SIDAS Footbed improves heel lock and lets you have a more responsive feel when pushing off to get moving. The anatomical ankle padding also aids in foot control, giving you a tight feel to keep your feet steady.The protection that you are used to with the Supra line of skates continues on with the 709s. Grilamid toe caps and tough ribbe3d CP93 quarter panels protect your feet from oncoming shots and slashes. The composite outsole construction adds stability and reduces weight.Your feet will remain comfortable and dry as can be with the AirNet lining and the evaFIT Moisture Management System. These work together to minimize moisture absorption and improve drying time....


Made by Graf

* V2 Carbon frame - Carbon fiber core laminated with a strong PE insole for optimum rigidity and strength * Premium chassis, the V2 is turbocharged energy transmission and split-second responsiveness. * Composite Teclite - Integrated composite frame and quarter structure provides improved skate response while reducing weight. Designed to be stiff in key supports areas while flexing to match your skating stride * Pre-preg thermolam offers boot reinforcement while molding to match the shape of your foot. * Next Generation Airnet Liner with evaFIT system that draws moisture from the foot, minimizes absorption and improves drying time * Anatomical ankle padding maximizes foot comfort and heel lock * Grilmid toe cap provides extra durability and protection * Heel Width: Narrow * Heel Backstay Shape: Pronounced Heel * Heel Instep Depth: Medium * Skate Stiffness: Stiff * Blade: Cobra UL5000...


Made by CCM

* U Foam Pro core construction * Vector Armor surlyn quarter package * Moisture wicking Clarino interior liner * Carbon composite exhaust outsole * Custom support exhaust insole * CCM Armor tongue * CCM E-Pro Holder with Pro-Formance Lite stainless steel runner...


Made by CCM

Commitment is measured by the bruises on your arms, the gaps in your teeth and the skate on your foot. The New CCM U+ Crazy Light is the only skate built with ultra reactive U FOAM technology. The U+ Crazy Light conforms to every contour of your foot. It fits better on your foot, so you can perform better on the ice. Only one question remains. Are you committed enough to wear CCM? * U Foam Pro quarter core provides a super-light internal support that not only saves tons of weight, but also molds to your foot perfectly * Vector Armour Surlyn quarter package provides Pro-level ankle support while maintaining comfort and low weight * Anti-microbial liner with branded grip helps keep your foot locked in and germ-free * Lightweight carbon composite exhaust outsole translates your foot movements directly to the ice with minimal energy loss * CCM Armour tongue provides an additional layer of protection * E-Pro Holder and stainless steel Pro-Formance scalloped runner help save additional weight * Made in Canada (senior) ...


Made by Bauer

Upper Features: * Quarter Package - Lightweight tech mesh with thermoformed X-rib pattern * Lining Material - Hydra mesh * Heel Support - Patented pro-integrated, anatomical heel / ankle support * Ankle Padding - Lightweight dual-density + foam ankle padding * Tongue Construction - FORM-FIT molded, anatomical forward flex tongue with high-density metatarsal guard * Footbed - FORM-FIT + with grip, moisture management, and heel stabilizer * Thermoformable - Full upper middleLower Features: * Outsole - Full composite * Blade Holder and Runner - TUUK Lightspeed 2 with TUUK LS2 stainless steel runner...


Local Companies

Sports Authority
(907) 373-9889
Cottonwood Creek Place, 1841 E. George Parks Highway
Wasilla, AK
Golf Day Shop, Golf Trade-In Program, Ski-Snowboard Rentals & Jr. Season Lease, Ski-Snowboard/Bike Tech Shop, Firearms/Hunting, Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Delivery & Assembly
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Holiday hours may vary.

Alaska Trophies & Sports Treasure
(907) 696-2228
12110 Business Blvd
Eagle River, AK
Action Pro-Shop
(907) 357-4625
1001 S Mack Dr
Wasilla, AK
Chimo Guns
(907) 376-5261
505 E Herning Ave
Wasilla, AK
Grouse Ridge Shooting Grounds
(907) 376-2483
Wasilla, AK
Athletic Supply/Jacket Express
(907) 373-2566
1051 E Bogard Rd
Wasilla, AK

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Boondock Sporting Goods & Outfitters
(907) 694-2229
Eagle River Loop Rd
Eagle River, AK
Alaska Bicycle Center
(907) 373-2453
431 W Parks Hwy
Wasilla, AK
Fletchers Archery
(907) 373-7770
540 W Hjellen Dr
Wasilla, AK
Outdoors & More
(907) 376-1496
455 W Parks Hwy
Wasilla, AK
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