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Hockey Equipment Retailers San Diego CA

Hockey Equipment Retailers in San Diego, CA. Where to buy, location map, product details and info in San Diego. Find the products you're looking for in your area.

Jess reviewed

Play It Again Sports, San Diego

Selection of Brands


Staff Knowledge

Customer Service
great for gear that growing kids will grow out of and circulate back for a new kid to use

Areas where this retailer could improve:
better organization. it's always so messy

What is your favorite brand?
warrior hockey. sticks are long lasting
Sports Authority
(619) 295-1682
Rio Vista Center, 8550 Rio San Diego Drive
San Diego, CA
Golf Day Shop, Golf Hitting Cage, Golf Trade-In Program, Fishing Licenses, Delivery & Assembly
Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Holiday hours may vary.

Busy Body Home Fitness
(619) 491-3141
925 Camino De La Reina
San Diego, CA
(619) 297-1635
1640 Camino Del Rio N Ste 149
San Diego, CA
Sports Authority The
(619) 295-1682
8550 Rio San Diego Dr
San Diego, CA
Sports Fever
(619) 296-9456
7007 Friars Rd Ste 359
San Diego, CA
Banana Republic
(619) 220-4901
7007 Friars Rd Ste 365
San Diego, CA
Old Navy
(619) 299-2691
990 Camino Del Rio N
San Diego, CA
Pro Caps-Sports Palace
(619) 299-5236
2245 Fenton Pkwy
San Diego, CA
Gill's Fitness
(619) 299-1988
2667 Camino Del Rio S
San Diego, CA
(619) 683-3836
1640 Camino Del Rio N
San Diego, CA